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To keep busy the campsite has a range of activities on offer. Feel free to pack your mountain bikes and hit up some of our trails.


The farm has some lovely mountain viewpoints to be enjoyed, and if you’re a keen eye you're likely to spot some of the native wildlife too!

If your legs need some stretching we have a range of walking trails and you are free to walk around the campsite area as you wish. For those looking for a level relaxed walk to a lovely sundowner viewpoint, there is Lindy's trail, and for the more adventurous there is the climb up to the top of Mount D’Urban!


We have some stunning trails that cater for all levels of hikers. We highly recommend Lindy’s Trail which leads to a lovely viewpoint which is just perfect for an easy evening sundowner. For the more adventurous why not try summiting Mount D’Urban? A sunrise climb will certainly reward you with breathtaking views.


Put your car in gear, get off the beaten track and experience two of our mountain viewpoints.

The campsite viewpoint is a quick 5-minute drive up to Mount D'Urban, perfect for taking in the best of the hard desert landscape after a long days drive.


Pack your snacks, a drink, your camera and take the time and drive further into the farm to our family favourite mountain viewpoint. At a more than 200m elevation, this is a spot not to be missed and offers the ultimate view for a sundowner.

You won't regret it!


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